The Fund Governance Transparency Report allows you to keep track of all actions pertaining to your fund in one central document. In addition to providing a single, dedicated director to each fund, we believe that fund governance is a continuum, a system of checks and balances. Each assigned DMS director is assisted by highly skilled individuals who utilize forensic governance techniques and leverage industry leading proprietary technologies to audit the fund's governance actions, complementing the existing operational risk controls

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The Independent Directors Report offers clients complete transparency and is key to evidencing the value our directors add. The report provides fund stakeholders with reasonable assurance of the efficacy of the fund governance process and the performance of the independent directors of [x](the” Fund”) during their oversight of the Fund’s affairs. It is intended to enhance the understanding of the period of work covered by the (the “FGTR”) and should be read in conjunction with that document. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept or assume responsibility to anyone other than the Fund for this Independent Directors’ Report, and it is limited to material matters within the best knowledge and belief of the independent directors based on the work as documented in the FGTR.

DMS Business Continuity

Our clients trust us with their most critical information; we have therefore developed a robust business continuity plan that allows us to sustain operations throughout any disaster. We work alongside world-class, geographically dispersed recovery facilities that run independently of one another. Your information is therefore always protected and accessible.


DMS Tracker ensures team members are able to access all client details at all times with unparalleled speed and accuracy. This state of the art data base encompasses director information, dates, fees, emails, documents and meetings, allowing you to access information immediately, wherever you are in the world.


This feature allows you to store essential fund documents securely in one secure online location and gives you access to them around the clock. The technology notifies you when new documents are posted, and, in addition, gives your auditors and administrators access. DMS Share is a fast, robust, reliable and secure facility for your information.

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