Independent Professional Fund Directors

DMS offers high-quality, fund governance through credentialed independent professionals leveraging advanced governance technology to serve investment funds.  We are guided by the four pillars of investor protection in delivering a fast, reliable and accurate service to investment funds of all types and sizes.

Independent Professional Fund Directors

Why choose the worldwide leader?

Upgrade to the Most Complete Fund Governance Platform
Choosing DMS allows you to aim high and take advantage of a truly successful, full-service professional firm with the most directors, the most experience, the most advanced governance technology, and the most infrastructure resources – all in one place – with no hassles or limited options.  Our platform of professional independent directors offers broad, deep and diverse talent options for you to build the most effective governance solution.  We invite you to explore how the most intelligent managers and investors worldwide are currently leveraging DMS capabilities to provide high-quality fund governance to their investment fund structures, through a myriad of roles including, but not limited to, Independent Professional Directors, Managing Members, General Partners, Trustees, Advisory Committee Members and Independent Fund Representatives.

Access our Global Relationships
DMS represents the most funds and the most investors in fund governance.  After more than 17 years working closely with them, we maintain highly valued relationships with a wide variety of investors globally, including many of the world’s leading investors, seeking to allocate capital to attractive funds.  We are continuously having conversations with investors across our global investor network, providing leads on opportunities to invest in promising funds.  We would welcome the opportunity to include your fund in these conversations.

Enhance your Credibility and Reputation
The selection of your professional director should be made in the same way as any professional service provider to your fund; based on talent, competence, experience and track record.  Hire the most successful firm that you can afford as success begets success.  Since its founding in 2000, DMS has been stress tested throughout several periods of extreme market crisis and has performed flawlessly. We are proud that DMS and its directors has never been the subject of any legal or regulatory judgments, investigations, censures or disciplines in our entire history.

DMS has received extensive media coverage from leading publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times and hedge fund publications including Hedgeweek, where we have been consistently ranked as the Best Offshore Regulatory Advisory Firm – number one for the last five years.  Most notably, DMS is consistently recommended by leading investors and service providers worldwide, and selected by leading managers for our outstanding reputation and exceptional service.

By any credible measure, DMS is the undisputed leader in fund governance and the benchmark against which all others are compared.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest
Conflicts are serious matters and many are not foreseen until they arise. Regulators worldwide have a zero tolerance approach to conflicts that could prove very costly to your fund if strict compliance is not maintained. To avoid conflicts, DMS maintains complete independence from legal counsel and the other service providers to the fund – no gimmicks – our interests are fully aligned with your fund and its investors. DMS maintains true independence in accordance with SEC and other global regulatory standards.

Gain Deep Visibility through our Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology
DMS size is a major advantage to the funds that we serve, giving you deep visibility and learning into governance, risk, and compliance benchmarking practices worldwide to stay abreast of industry trends.  Controlling, auditing and managing governance, risk and compliance functions are enormous challenges and no single mind of any director can fully comprehend the full range of risks inherent in operating a modern hedge fund.

At DMS, these capabilities come built into our platform to help you simplify meeting even your most stringent governance, risk and compliance requirements. Through our secure client portal, managers and investors  can access DMS Governance Transparency reports on-demand o gain real-time visibility into exactly what oversight work the directors are performing for your fund, in an easy-to-analyze format that eliminates guesswork. This unique reporting feature is an industry-first, only available at DMS.

Data security and protection is also critical in today’s cyber environment. All DMS client funds benefit from robust data architecture to safeguard and satisfy the requirements of the most security-sensitive managers and investors.

Access our Global Infrastructure Resources
DMS is able to provide you with more than just a solo director, including a quality team of hedge fund literate professionals to support the speed and agility of your team. Leverage our extensive resources and sharp industry IQ to support you in your journey and help you advance your business across the world. You won’t outwork us.

DMS serves multiple jurisdictions worldwide. Each DMS director acts independently and is supported by a set of DMS resources within the same zone to achieve the greatest possible availability and consistent service quality.

We are steadily expanding our global infrastructure to help our client funds succeed and we pledge to keep pace with your growth.  As your business grows, DMS will continue invest in the highest quality people and technology to support your governance, risk and compliance requirements.

Manage your Costs
DMS understands that small clients become big clients so we aim to give you more value for your money.  DMS is able to make premium governance more affordable for you by leveraging the financial benefits of our economies of scale.  Our scale gives you flexible and multiple options to utilize our services according to your requirements, including tiered pricing that adapts to your growth so you don’t need to settle for less and can afford the highest quality governance from the outset.  Our goal is to help you grow and succeed.