Board Support

DMS offers high-quality, fund governance through credentialed independent professionals leveraging advanced governance technology to serve investment funds.  We are guided by the four pillars of investor protection in delivering a fast, reliable and accurate service to investment funds of all types and sizes.

Board Support

Our Board Support Services team combines the best of our governance expertise and industry-leading technologies to ensure the smooth running of the fund’s governance requirements. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism to support your business interests, reputation and commercial success.

At DMS, we have dedicated professionals who are there from start to finish, ensuring successful board meetings. We manage all administration, including coordinating the reporting and attendance of all services providers, preparing comprehensive board packs and reviewing previous documentation. We provide qualified and efficient employees to attend meetings and, where required, take minutes and ensure all decisions are recorded as necessary. Post meeting, our clients are assured of timely drafting and circulation of minutes and all necessary follow-up actin points to ensure your company is up-to-date and compliant.

We provide safe and secure record keeping. Our record keeping solution allows you to respond quickly and confidently to critical information requests. It exceeds the standards of all regulators across our global office network, including the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which require that funds retain documentation for a minimum of six years, the first two in an easily accessible place.

DMS offices have a selection of spacious, well-equipped boardrooms available for meetings in a professional and comfortable environment. Boardrooms are available seven days a week and include the provision of administrative and IT support. Video conferencing and professional catering are also available.