DMS Culture and Values

In 2000, DMS pioneered the first professional fund governance firm.

Today, with professionals located in eight different jurisdictions and with the longest and most successful history in fund governance, DMS works with 60% of the top investment managers globally. DMS excels in delivering high-quality professional services across a diverse range of investment fund structures and strategies.

With the largest capacity in the industry, DMS successfully serves as Directors, Managing Members, Advisory Committee members, Conflict Advisory and Independent Fund representatives to more fund relationships than anyone else globally. In addition, we have a European suite of services available to our clients that facilitate the launching of European products and navigating AIFMD.

Managers and investors seeking high-quality fund governance overwhelmingly turn to DMS when they want to achieve industry-wide sound practices.


About Our Founder

Don Seymour has been recognized by the Financial Times as one of the most influential men in the global hedge fund industry. His visionary leadership is credited as making the Cayman Islands the number one jurisdiction for investment funds.


Our mission is to be the global leader in delivering innovative and superior governance + risk + compliance services. With integrity at our core, we provide comprehensive solutions that meet our customers’ goals, creating value and opportunity for both customers and our employees.