Gavin Devitt


Gavin Devitt is an energetic and driven professional who has a wealth of experience as a Director in the hedge fund and financial sector, managing strategic and operational marketing as well as customer relationships. He also has prior practice generating new business, leading teams and initiating and closing contracts.

Gavin serves as a Business Development Director in the London office of DMS, where he establishes and maintains partnerships and business relations that benefit the firm.

Prior to joining DMS, Gavin honed his skills at IFS State Street as a Senior Associate and at Citco Fund Services as a Senior Fund Accountant.

Gavin also worked as a Transfer Agency Senior Associate at IFS State Street, Fund Accountant/Transfer Agency Manager at Oasis Asset Management and Senior Fund Accountant at Citco Fund Services. He also has accounting and banking experience gained from global giants such as Coca-Cola, ABN AMRO and Fosters Beverages.

Gavin graduated from the Dunkalk Institute of Technology with a BA in Accountancy and Finance.